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When we speak of London, the first thing that comes to mind is the capital of England, but in the North American Great Country Canada, there is a city with the same name, some writers call "The Hidden Treasure", a wonderful London city in southwestern Ontario; a city that loves to laugh and live, full of natural conservation areas and spectacular pristine parks in the heart of the city, with different ethnicities mixed culture to make it slightly more exciting and interesting, fully multicultural. London attracts us to a variety of experiences unmatched.

Since the end of World War II the city has experienced unprecedented growth, in the old part of town, many of the landmarks of the past have disappeared to be replaced by modernity, however, has made in a very careful manner that ensures maintaining the character and integrity of the old city.

London has great facilities that have led it to become a destination of choice for sporting events, we see an impressive track record w hen it comes to sports accommodations are concerned, in this city you can enjoy ice sports in general, very loved by the residents, such as the action of a hockey game, ice skating, enjoy the joy of sliding on ice rinks carefree outdoor, hence has more than 12 tracks public skids, Being a sport that involves a good component of music and dance, figure skating on ice attracts not only his most loyal followers, but also captures the attention of millions of fans who attend just to enjoy the beauty and splendor present in these types of shows.

In 2013 was held in London an important CIII World Skating Championship from 10 to 17 March, hosted by the International Ice Skating Union (ISU) and the Canadian Federation of Ice Skating. This unique event started at full speed and nothing better to start with one of his beautiful classes, skating. The leading figures of this special sport met; during the seven days of this competition was on the ice rink more than 200 athletes from 50 countries, attended by figures such as current world champions, as Canadian Patrick Chan, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir; Italy's Carolina Kostner, and Germans Aliona Savchenko and Robin Skolkowy, champions in pair mode. It was hoped that the Canadian team, would take the first place, not just to be at home but also as a country of gamblers and sports fans on ice.

London is considered one of the main tourist destinations in Canada, has a range of modern hotels and quality in all its services, including casinos for gambling lovers and conference rooms, making the perfect combination, as to make matters worse some of these casinos will offer visitors a choice of online games to continue the pleasure and fun. You can quickly take a look at the guide to find online casinos and games, to have the best gaming experience to tell. To find out more about the #1 Online Casino Guide in Canada visit

Ultimately London is a region to discover and enjoy from their native heritage, fascinating historical sites to its extreme activities, natural landscapes, festivals and natural, quiet and friendly atmosphere.

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